Software to manage and run your live, call-in television/radio auction

Auction Software Systems' Auction Management System provides the software tools needed to plan, design, run and manage your organization's customized live, call-in televison and radio auction fundraiser.
  • Create and maintain lists of auction donors, donated items and bidders.
  • Create auction groups and evenly distribute items in those groups.
  • Script the software to automatically start and end bidding for each auction group.
  • Ensure correct and accurate entry of bidder IDs, auction items and bid amounts during live auction event.
  • Ties-in automatically to the optional web bidding  tool.
  • Automate printing invoices and correspondenses to winning bidders, donors and advertisers.

What is a live, call-in television/radio auction?

Let’s face it – raising money for and recognition of your charity isn’t easy. Thousands of non-profits are competing for the same limited resources. To be successful, your organization needs to stand out. A live, call-in television/radio auction offers a fun and proven alternative.

Here’s how it works: An auctioneer will showcase a group of items for a set period of time, broadcast live on television and/or radio. People place bids over the phone from the comfort of their home or any other remote locale during this timeframe, or they can bid online. When the group time has expired, bidding for the items in that group is closed. As a new group is showcased, new bids are accepted. Bidders can follow the auction on tv, radio or the internet to view the items and keep track of the current high bids.

A live, call-in television/radio auction is very much a community event. The auction is broadcast on local radio and cable tv stations, the auctioneers can be a members of your organization, local celebrities and civic leaders, etc. giving the auction a community feel. Donors get free advertising while their donated items are being auctioned. Winning bidders are called by your organization volunteers to confirm the win and to thank them for bidding. The winning bidder picks up the winning items in person, which gives them a chance to meet the volunteers and learn more about your organization!

Auction Software Systems' Auction Management System

Reasons to use Auction Software Systems' Auction Management System

  • You purchase and own your copy of the Auction Software Systems’ Auction Management System – other fundraising auction websites charge to use their site AND charge a percentage of proceeds earned. This enables your organization to host unlimited auctions without any additional costs – in fact, we include one year of free support and product updates to help you.
  • The Auction Management System was written specifically to manage and run a live, call-in television/radio auction - no extra features to complicate or confuse your volunteers as they build and run the auction.
  • The Auction Management System is mature, feature-rich and user-friendly. Developed over a three-year period, our software has successfully managed several Kiwanis Clubs' annual live, call-in auctions for the past eight years.
  • Everything you need to configure, manage and run your live, call-in fundraising auction – extensive documentation and a time-line tutorial – is included!